Friday, July 15, 2011

Blogging Hiatus

I realized that I have seriously neglected the whole blogging thing and I am going to try and fix that (no promises though).

So what's new?

Changed my major finally. It was such a huge relief when it was actually official, Wildlife Ecology and Management. New advisor, new plan of action to get me out by Spring 2013, and the feeling of a clean slate to make this happen. The only thing I'm worried about... between 16-18 hours a semester. Yea, not looking forward to that idea. Next summer I also have to go live in Andelusia for 6 weeks. I'm not sure yet if we get to leave on the weekends. I hope so. I really don't like not being able to see my love for months at a time. But I'm super excited about this revelation nonetheless.

Moving July 31st to a duplex and getting out of this second floor of hell I've lived in for two years. WOOHOO!

Not so woohoo... PACKING! Ugh, I hate it. It's such a daunting task that no one really likes to do. But alas, I've managed to put 80% of my life into cardboard boxes that has turned our lovely decorated humble abode into a storage unit look. It will all be worth it when we finally move in. Oh and did I mention we will be homeless for 12 days?? Yes, that's right, 12 whole DAYS. Not so happy about bumming it at a friends place but I am grateful she is letting us.

Getting a third roomie. Rent's cheaper and we all get along. Fun times.

We still have so much to do before we move though. All the cleaning and painting is a bit of a summer buzz kill but oh well. On to bigger and better things. :)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Scuba class with a side of reality check, please

I have recently come to the realization that I have gained a few pounds and that I'm not really as active as I would like to be. So in an effort to rectify this situation my roommate and I have started jogging, I'm still trying to figure out yoga, and after today's SCUBA lab, I have now added that to the exercise list.

For the past two nights my roommate and I have went walking/ jogging so I am already sore. We had decided that today would be our "rest" day but that was soon to change for me. So I go to the pool for the two hour lab session today and we find out we have to swim 25 yards underwater and 200 yards above water. So I think to myself, "Okay, I can do this. It won't be that hard." WRONG. If you're wondering if you too are out of shape, go jump in a pool and try to swim 200 yards non-stop. I can promise you it won't be pretty. First embarrassing moment came when I realize every other girl in the lab was extremely skinny and mostly in string bikinis (this makes one piece and tankinis stand out by the way) with their boobs hanging all out while all of the guys were practically drooling at them. So I finally finish all of my swimming (torture) and lose one contact, I need to get out of the pool and stand at the side while everyone else finishes. This is where I promptly make a fool out of myself and realize that I am so tired and worn out I can't lift myself out of the pool. So what do I do? Oh, well this idiot grabs the handrail on the instructors' walkway and roll myself onto the platform. I know I had to look like a beached whale trying to break free. I then try to compose myself and walk away hoping that the 50+ people in there didn't realize what just took place. Even if they did I wouldn't be able to see it considering I only had one contact. After that, things went smoothly for the most part and I can't wait until next week.

I am tired, sore, and hungry with a headache so I will now take my leave.

Saturday, August 14, 2010


In the past two weeks everything that could go wrong, has. But that's usually the way things roll. So for the next four days before the Fall semester starts back up I'm going to try and de-stress as much as humanly possible. I've wanted to start doing yoga as a method of releasing tension but just haven't had the time to start so yup, I'm going to actually try and learn to do yoga. This should be interesting to say the least. I am by no means coordinated or limber. I'm not even in shape anymore. I'm sure there will be posts about that at a later date because it should be quite humorous. 

On another note, my roommate and I live on the second floor of a three floor apartment building. Since I've lived here I would hear water running upstairs from time to time, nothing out of the ordinary. That is, up until a few months ago. The best way I can describe the noise we hear now is a few hundred elephants playing rugby to rap music. Let's just say it's so loud that our glass coffee tables and windows SHAKE. That's right, shake. And it doesn't even happen at normal hours of the day. Anywhere between 9PM-3AM CT we can hear this game of sorts. There is also a woman that we can hear running around and then screaming in a corner of one of the rooms. We haven't quite decided if she's being attacked or if it's just rough sex/ foreplay. Either way it's ridiculously loud and if she's being attacked, she should really stop coming over or use one of the rape buttons located in every bedroom. Even during the day it's not peaceful. Oh no, that would be too much to ask for in an apartment building. Grant it, this is a college town and most people have never lived in an apartment and don't realize that they walk around that loud but when we can hear where they are at any given point in their apartment, it's pretty crazy loud. I should not be able to outline your living space without ever going into your apartment. But I digress.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Let it roll

Well, I'm not quite sure what the purpose of this blog will be. I'm sure I'll eventually figure something out but until then it will most likely be just random  entries that have absolutely nothing to do with anything. Everyone needs some form of an outlet for things so for the meantime this will be mine. 

I live in an apartment with my roommate and her lovely dog Moose. We have some extremely annoying neighbors above us and a seemingly lovely older couple below us. I've been with my wonderful boyfriend for 4 1/2 years now. He actually lives in Georgia so I visit whenever I can.  I am currently at my mom's house taking care of her after her neck surgery yesterday. That's kind of the reason I started this blog, I was bored. So yea, anyway that's all for now.